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Pupils write and perform in their own play!

Great Waltham pupils perform a play written by fellow pupil Aria 

As You Like It!!!

Article written by Aria, Elsie and Jake


Aria=Rosalyn and tree

Jake=Orlando and Duke Senior

Louie=Oliver, Duke Fredrick, Big Llama, Charles the Wrestler and tree

Elsie=Ada, Forest Guardian and tree

Maddi=Celia and tree

Why We Did It

First, we wanted to do Pirates Of The Curry Bean like year 6, but we didn’t have Lisa, pirates, Cod and the Crunchy Frog crew or much time. We discovered that we didn’t need to do the bit that Year 6 did and Aria had the idea of doing a Shakespeare story.

How We Did It  

Aria had watched an 'As You Like It' play on BBC I-player and was inspired, so she got to work with characters, lines, introductions and the finish.

What We Did

We rehearsed and worked really hard, and it was wonderful in the end. Although it was hard work, we were all proud of ourselves.

Did it go well?

Yes! The show was a success! In a few days, we were ready for the performance and it went amazingly well!

The cast in action...